Monday, May 05, 2008

Domestic Flights...

From LA to OK, we would have to transit in Minneapolis.

The check in for the domestic flight was smooth. We printed out our boarding passes using an automated machine and the staff helped us attached the stickers for the bags. we then had to move our bags to a scanning area where the TSA officers put the bags in one by one for scanning. We did not have to wait as our bags were in queue.
We proceeded on to the gates. Again, the security checks took a while. We had to put our laptop, carry-on bags, shoes and all electronic devices into separate trays for scanning. The officers were strict but not rude and gave proper clear and direct instructions on what to do. We then went for our toilet breaks and had a little breakfast before boarding the plane.

During the beginning of the flight shortly after take-off, the captain did say that we would see snow. Well, we did not pay attention and started to ask each other what did the captain say. Upon touch-down, when the snow started touching the windows as ice bits (think roughly grained ice kachang sort of ice bits), we, or rather I, was squealing "snow, snow!"
Yah lah, I sua ku k, never seen snow k... But it was really beautiful. Wasn't able to take any pictures as the snow fall was very very light. We we ran through the transit area from one end to another to catch the connecting flight (touched-down late), I kept looking out of the window. How I wish I would be able to stand there forever to look at the snow.

As we boarded the connecting flight, there was a little open air space between the plane and the platform. I stood there for a few seconds, looked up and felt the snow fall onto my face. I wish I could stand there forever lor! But there was a long queue behind and I did not want to hold up the queue. Finally! After 20-something years in my life, I've seen and felt snow!

If the plane for the domestic flight from LA to Minneapolis was small, the connecting flight from Minneapolis to OK is so so much smaller. In total, the trip including transit time to Oklahoma took about a little more than a day. I was damn tired upon reaching OK.

An interesting thing I found about OK airport was that the baggage claim area was open to all. Anyone could have access to your baggage. There were some people sitting around the conveyor belts (called carousels here) waiting for their friends and relatives.

Check-in to hotel and orientation day details coming right up!
11:57 OK time...

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