Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tornado Hits Again!

After an eventful weekend, week 2 of classes then started. This week we had a module called Personal Lifestyle. It is more of a wellness, P.E kinda module and yes, we did whatever that needs to be done to complete an IPPT.
Our lecturer was Dr Slatham. She has a young cute daughter with loveable-pinchable cheeks (she showed us her photo once). She is also very cool, spunky and taught us in a very fun way. Instead of plain lecturing and lecturing into details, she would get us to do labs, a kinda workshop thingy where we would go to the computer lab or open up the textbook to give reports or act out skits. She gives me this very "garang woman" kinda feel.

On the 2nd day of lectures, after the morning IPPT workout and doing bench presses (I can lift an amazing 55lbs), we went to a fitness center. 2 classes went in total but our lecturer did not go. Over here, there were basketball courts, many gym equipment, a swimming pool, whirlpool and suana. We wanted to go to the whirlpool, but as there was lighting and the whirlpool is situated beside the glass walls of the place, they decided to close the facility for a while. So, while waiting for the whirlpool to open, I decided to try the suana out.
Shiok lah! I haven't had the feeling of wet hot air landing on my skin since I came here. Not that I miss Singapore's weather extremely, but that little humidity and warmth came at the right time when I'm damn sick of the cold dry weather here, especially when the scab in my nose builds up bigger and faster. The scab cleared in Singapore after a week is half of the scab here clear in 3-4 days. Also, the skin in my nostrils are cracking up due to the weather and there is slight bleeding. Now, if only there is a moisturizer for the nose... K, too much information already...
So the bus drove us to the Asian Market to do little shopping after the fitness center trip. Then, the tornado warning siren came on. The lecturer of the other class sprung out of the bus and ran towards the supermarket. Meanwhile, the bus driver switched on the radio to listen to the weather alert. The lecturer then ran back towards the bus and was on the phone, saying that her house is in the path of the tornado or something. I was then kinda hoping to see the tornado but at the same time hoping not to see it because I'm in a bus, not in a building where I can find somewhere to hide!
As the bus pulled into school, my class had to switch to the other bus as the bus we were on had to pick up another class at another building (there were a total of 4 classes on this trip). For the first time in my life, I ran in a storm. The wind was damn strong and the rain was pouring down so heavily. Running one bus length like took forever, with the wind blowing against me, I felt I almost flew backwards. Lifting my legs to run was tough too.
On the other bus, there was good news (or not so good news) on the weather alert. The storm is changing direction and moving away from where we are and so the not so good news is that we can't be storm chasers. Besides that, the shopping trip scheduled for after class is also cancelled for safety reasons. Apparently, the storm is moving towards that direction... But we did reach the hotel safely!

More of week 2 coming right up!
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