Thursday, May 08, 2008

Field Trip!!!

Dr. K brought us to 2 places on Day 2 of classes that tourists may not even choose to go. Initially I was thinking why I had to go to these places as they are of no interest to me. We went because it was part of our curriculum. So, I ventured into an oil well and a lake.

The day started with a lady from OERB (Oklahoma Energy Resource Board) telling us briefly what OERB is all about and a history of the oil and gas industry in OK. At this point, I started to lighten up, thinking that this field trip might be interesting after all.
We first went to an oil site, where oil is still being pumped out. As we turned around, we saw a house that was build on the remains of a drilling derrick.These places are managed by OERB which will help conserve the oil being pumped and help restore the site of the house into a flat ground.
We then drove down to the Oklahoma History Center where the Devon Energy Oil and Gas Park is housed. Over here, we learnt of the history of the oil industry in Oklahoma and saw equipment of the old days which have all turned rusty.

Some pics of the Park...

We then went for lunch at the famous Route 66! The restaurant is called Pops. I wasn't that hungry and plus the servings here are GIANTIC HUMONGOUS-LY BIG, I opt for a soup and salad. It's not very expensive, about USD8 including tax and tips.

After the interesting morning and lunch, the afternoon was kinda boring and tiring... We went to Arcadia Lake to learn about nature and what the lake is for. We saw loads and loads of plants but no animals. We went along a trail, but because it was sunny and warm, a few of us were commenting how come it's like never-ending. Never really took pictures because it was so damn boring to me lor... Anyway, here's a general view of the lake.

Day 2 just went past like that. And so did Day 3, went by with me trying damn freaking hard not to fall asleep in class...

Interesting Day 4 coming right up!
22:45 OK time...

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