Monday, May 05, 2008

First Week, First Day

Lessons will be planned as such that each module will take up 4 and a half days, which means we get a half day on Friday. This is also reflect on the 9 3.5 hours sessions that we do in Singapore.
This week, we did Environmental Science. As how the lessons have gone and completed, this module seems like a much cheem-er version of Geography.

We got to meet our lecturer, Dr. Kruschwitz. We call her Dr. K. She is a fine old lady, speaks slowly and at times seems like mumbling to herself, or rather, I find it hard to pay attention because of the way and tone she speaks. Plus, the small classroom which is so cozy, it really makes one want to fall asleep. So, for 2 and a hlaf days (2 days we went on field trips), I was pratically spacing out, only gathering attention when worksheets need to be done. Honestly, when the worksheets were passed out, it was only when I start to pay attention.
Luckily the field trips were on Day 2 and Day 4 of lessons, spacing out the actual sit-in classes. I don't think I would have survived if they were placed together.

And so, Day 1 passed by just as normal. Day 2 was the happening one!

Day 2 of 1st week of lessons coming right up!
22:42 OK time...

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