Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yet Another American Idol SHOCKER...

This season of American Idol is full of shockers.
1) Horrible singers such as Kristy Lee Cook can stay sooo long.
2) Favorites like Michael Johns and Ramiele got eliminated too early.
3) Tipped to be in the finale, Carly Smithson says goodbye this week.

It's too early for her exit, 4 weeks to be exact! She had never been in the bottom 3! How could this happened? Randy Jackson was right, seeing Carly and Syesha, he said popularity votes played in this week. Voters are not voting for the best singers, they are voting for eye candies! If not, how would you explain why Jason Castro's weak performance this week allowed him to stay in the competition? It is just so so not fair!

Worst season of American Idol so far? I agree. Seeing good singers being eliminated from the competition one by one, are there anymore reasons to watch the show anymore?

Next week is Neil Diamond week. I want my remaining favourites to stay all the way! Brooke, David Cook, Syesha, wait for my votes!!! I'm coming to America!!!


krisandro said...

I was damn sad when I saw carly got voted out... she was my favourite female singer... sigh

If Jason doesn't go out next, den u really need to goto america to vote

Jas aka paced said...

krisandro, I'm in Oklahoma now. But I forgot to vote! Argh!