Monday, May 05, 2008

Check-In, Orientation & Briefing, The EXCLUSIVE Letter...

The school had handed taxi vouchers for our transportation from the airport to the hotel, Marriott Residence Inn Bricktown. Found this really cute on the cab..

The doll just keep bobbing and dancing around.

My roomie cum classmate had actually checked into the room first and waited till I came. I unpacked a bit and we went out for dinner while the rest stayed back to relax a little in the room. After dinner, we did a little grocery shopping at the HUGE Walmart Supercenter and went back to the hotel to rest.
It's not really a hotel per se, more like a service apartment of sorts. Initially, 5 of us had paid for 2 bedrooms and 2 baths at another Residence Inn, however, due to unexpected happenings (heard that there was a fire), we were moved to this one at Bricktown instead. Since this is apparently slightly more expensive than the original one as it was nearer to the town area, we were put into a 1-bedroom suite with 1 bath just like everyone else, who on the overall, paid lesser for the rooms since they had opt for a 1 bedroom and 1 bath in the beginning.
I felt ripped off. I got something lower in value with what I had paid for. So I spoke to the school staff who is in charge of our on-campus residency and now, he is checking with the sales person of our "original" accomodation to see what can be worked out.

The next day was orientation and briefing. We had our daily complementary breakfast at the breakfast area and chilled out there till 11am where the briefing was taking place. Got to know an interesting fact that this state of Oklahoma forbids people to walk on the streets with alcohol in their hands and all alcohol has to be consumed indoors.
We were then brought to school where we got our textbooks and took measurements for our graduation cap and gown. At the end of the briefing in school, me and 3 other students received an EXCLUSIVE letter. What is it? Keep y'all in suspense for a while till the end of the coming week! Hehe...
Meanwhile, back in Singapore, my sister told me that MDIS sent a reminder letter telling me to pay up for the last installment for my course by a certain date. If I fail to comply, I would deem to have dropped out of course. Hmm, with the exclusive letter in hand, how would I have deem to have dropped out of course?! Anyway...
The bus then took us to Walmart Supercenter. It was the same one as the one I went the night before, but today, it was more of a marketing trip, as the night before was a toiletries trip. The 7 of us plan to cook rather than eat out everyday. Here's a pic of the Walmart, see how HUGE it is! It's many times larger than Giant or Carrefour lor!

After Walmart, we went to the Asian Market. There, I really felt like home. We found chili sauce, Maggi seasoning and such there. We then went back to the hotel to prepare for the 1st day of school.

1st few days of school coming right up!
17:56 OK time...

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