Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Dear

Was talking to Dear about dunno what and he said, "Huh, 3 years already ah."
I said, "Yah, what you think?"
He replied, "I thought we just celebrated... You mean I wasted so much time?"
I walked towards him with the cushion in hand and asked, "What you mean by waste so much time." (I thought he meant being together for 3 years wasting his time because he would sometimes say that to purposely irritate me)
He replied, "Waste time do nothing lor."
I replied, "Yah lor."

Haiz, I think Dear quite cham. Timing always not right.
He could have gotten a perm position but that position required a person with a degree. At that point of time, he had only about (estimated) one year to finish his degree. However, they didn't wana wait, and because of that, his contract wasn't renewed.
When he works, he has to submit his projects and sit for exams and each is give half credit for that particular module. Not enough time to complete, so have to "ta-pao" and re-module. He could have graduated long time ago liao. Now, all he has left to gain enough credit to graduated is a project for one module. Has registered for another degree, but dunno if he wants to do it, or finish up the "half module" on the current one.
Wanted to do biz with friends but kinda stalled due to all kinda reasons. If he works, he would have no time to do the neccesary stuff to try to start the biz.

That's my Dear, trying so hard to do what he wants, but just not doing them smoothly enough according to his wishes...
But I still love you deep deep k?

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