Friday, July 27, 2007 Advertisement - Meet paced

Everyone at is trying this out. So fun! Some ads are freaking hilarious!

Try it out yourself too!
How about you trying to create a advertisement to attract more users?

Your advertisement must meet these criterias
Size: 600 X 450 pixels
Font: Microsoft Sans Serif, 36, Strong
Font Colour: White
Phrase: Meet XXX. He/She just got Pinged. Have you?

A logo must always be at the top your picture because you are helping to advertise If you do not have the logo, you can right click and save.


DK said...

Nice. :)

paced said...

Thanks dk!

Anonymous said...

Nice one. The only advertisement that I saw that did not got shocked. Haha. :P

paced said...

haha! The rest of you guys all looked either shocked or got murdered. lol! But they were wacky though!