Monday, July 30, 2007

I Ran My Hands All Over Marc Jacobs

I fell in love with Marc Jacobs even since seeing a pair of his heels on 美丽伊能界 (mei li yi neng jie), a "women" info-entertainment prorgam hosted by Annie 伊能静 (Yi Neng Jing - Harlem Yu Cheng Ching's wife) talking about beauty, fashion and stuff. Ever since, everything about Marc Jacobs became a dream. And it didn't help me at all that he is Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton. From "I would love to" to "I die die want", putting 2 favorites together is almost like a deadly sin, and the dream became an obsession.

A few months back, a friend of mine told me that she saw a Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique in Ngee Ann City. Never in my wildest dream that I would be able to get his stuff in Singapore so soon! Everytime I pass by Orchard, somehow, I would not be able to pass by to take a look.

Today, I finally did. They are having a sale which is good news but too bad because I'm kinda broke. As I proceed toward the entrance of the boutique, I kinda felt high. As I entered, Iran out of breath, almost wanted to fall onto my knees and kiss the floor, screaming, "My Marc Jacbos!!!" Of course my senses told me I couldn't do so because everyone in the store would think I'm mad, like some kinda swa ku who has never seen a Marc Jacobs boutique before.

Pricing is very close to another of my favorite brands, DKNY. But too bad, no money means I can only look around. Pengz, I think I nearly orgasmed (not literally lah!) running my hands thru the collection. I saw a top, a dress, a bag that I really liked. Hmm, nope, make that a top, 2 dresses and a bag. But then again, make that 2 tops, 2 dresses and a bag. Argh, I could go on forever!!!

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