Friday, July 27, 2007

Simple, Cheapo Japanese Curry Udon

First, the important ingredients. Curry and Udon.
There are many types of curry avaliable. Some includes ingredients, some are plain. There are also different varying degrees of spiciness. The one that I used is "no. 4 - hot" in degree in spiciness and it's plain.
The entire box is meant for 10 servings. Inside, there are 2 smaller portions meant for 5 each. Since I'm alone, I only used a quarter. It was very easy to break. Just fold along the indents at the back, and viola, it's nicely "cut" into quarters!

Then, boil the noodles. If you want to add in ingredients of your choice, go ahead. I added some frozen mixed vegetables, minus the peas, because I hate peas. When the water boils again, add in the curry block. As with all kinds of instant noodles, stir stir and boil again.

According to the instructions, each 5 servings portion needs 800ml of water. Since I'm using a quarter, I would need about 200 ml. So I took the noodles out first (though I like soggy noddles, but not soggy udon) and left the curry to boil and reduce. Depending on how thick you like your curry, boil and reduce to that amount.

Pour curry over noodles and you're done!

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