Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One More Down

Al last, exam over and done with... Not another one in sight till at least about two months later! But today's paper is a KILLER! freak man... write so much till my hand tired! It was almost like doing my geography paper during O's.

After the paper, I met Dear for lunch and then we went home... He played DOTA on the comp while I watched 一公升眼泪 (1 litre of tears)。Its just the 1st 6 episodes, but i thk i already cried more than a litre of tears already... Its based on a true story of a Japanese girl who suffers from a muscular disease, the same one that scientist Hawkings is also suffering from.

I thought having cancer was bad enough. The pains from the growing tumours, the dropping hair due to chemo, the tiredness, etc... But this is worse. You just rot and wait for death literally. There are cures for cancer, but there's no cure for this disease. For cancer, when you are already dying and bedridden, you just die in a matter of months. In this disease's case, you may be bedridden and can't swallow your food, but you can't die yet. You would just lie there and pass time, more like a living dead. Its damn terrible.

Cancer cures are so successful nowadays, how about researching into this disease instead. Compared to this girl, what I went through is really nothing...

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