Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dangerous Drivers

Be careful of these drivers...

Red Honda Fit. SFP83--K. After the 黄瓜不够 dinner, we were driving to my granny's place to pick up some stuff. We were at Eunos Link, turning towards Bedok Reservior at around 6.40pm. There was a yellow box in front of us. As the traffic light change, we were about to move off when the driver of the above mentioned car plate dangerously cut into the yellow box without even checking if we are moving off. Luckily my dad braked in time. But it was a traffic congested situation, the car behind us could have hit us!

Blue-greyish Mitsubishi van. GY63--R. After the Honda incident, at around 6.50pm along Bedok Reservior, this driver of the above mentioned van, cut into our path first without checking if there was space then switch on his signal light. he pratically squeezed into the lane. There was barely space between the car in front of the van, and between the van and us. Becos of the stupid van, there was almost a 4-vehical collision. The 3 of us, n with my dad slamming hard on the brake, the car at the back douls have been involved too.

Take these drivers off the road!!!

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