Thursday, October 05, 2006


The preparation for the PET scan yesterday was horrible. I had to take laxatives on Tuesday and ended up waking up thrice in the middle of the night to spend half an hour on each trip to the toilet with a tummyache. But, that not all. At the clinic, I had to drink 2 cups of contrast, somehting like a barium solution. Yucks! But the suffering and ordeal was worth it. At about 3pm, after collecting the results and seeing Dr Hwang, I was offically declared NED (No Evidence of Disease).

She still might wana put me on the drugs that would inhibit the epidermal growth factors of the cancer cells. However, she needs to discuss with my parents first. So this Saturday morning, we're gonna see her again.

So all my gastric pains are just plain gastric pains. The swelling on my neck is just stiff muscles n scarring due to radiotherapy. Phew...

From 2 months away from death to alive n kicking to NED. Thank God! Now I can really start counting the days of my remission period. Papa in heaven is the bestest! Amen!

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