Monday, October 02, 2006

Working Is Fun!

Why do I say so?

1) The section I'm working in is on the same level as the movies section, thus, when there are new releases, we get to watch them!

2) You get to meet stupid people and you can lol at the stupid things they say. for example:
Customer (Holding the latest/ newest release by XX artiste): Do you have a newer one?
Me (On a slight intent of making fun of him): What do you mean by newer one? The album you are holding is the newest one for XX artiste already.
Customer: I mean another newer one.
Me: Another newer one?
Customer: Another piece of this.
Me: All our stocks are already displayed out. (Which is true)
The thing I'm getting at is, at a CD shop, you don't ask for a newer piece while holding the latest release cos the idea is that you'll be asking for the latest one. When shopping for clothes, you can definately ask for a new piece, which means untried n 'unopened'. At a CD shop, you should just ask if we have another piece in stock. All customers who approach any sales staff in a CD shop posing the question of a newer one, are 99.999999999% of the time asking for the latest release of that particular artiste cos they don't see it on the racks. Honestly, this is the one and only customer who did this to me in my whole retailing life... And he did it to me, yesterday...

3) You get to spew technical jargons and terms and 'chim-ilogies' at customers n look at their 'wow', impressed, confused, 'why-so-technical?' looks on their faces when they ask questions like...
"What do you mean by MV?"
"What is the difference between a DVD and a VCD?"
"What do you mean by region coding?"
"Why cannot order?" (eh, well, you can, provided you are willing to pay us extra moolah to send the DVD to the Board of Film Censors n willing to wait up till a year or so for the BFC to approve your obscure-Japanese-artiste-DVD)
"Why is (certain title) not released/ not found/ banned?" (sometimes I really feel like telling them to ask the BFC instead. Yes yes, no "Sex and the City", no "Sopranos", no "Birdcage", no "Football Hooligans", etc...)
After they ask the above question, usually this would follow...
"So you mean I can't get it anywhere in Singapore?" (When we tell them, they can risk ordering it online, they give us a shocked look like they have never heard of online shopping or internet before...)

"Bring It On" lastest installment, "All or Nothing" is a good chill out movie...

Penny Dai Pei Ni's (戴佩妮) new album is very relaxing. Most of the songs are "very her", with the exception of a few tracks.

Vivian Xu Ruo Xuan's (徐若瑄) new album a bit CMI (cannot make it). Boring, bad vocals, eeks... To me, its a bit painful to the ear...

Coco Lee's (李王文) new album not too bad. Some tracks are nice, some CMI. The hip hop ones are the nicer ones...


Ichibutt said...

戴佩妮 is coooool!

paced said...

get her new album!!! haha... it's very very nice... Whenever i'm working, i'll put it on airplay!