Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cucumber No Enough

Well, my pleasant happy afternoon was spoiled by someone who told me 黄瓜不够 (cucumber no enough).

What happened was that my dad bought mum, me and Dear to Tanjong Katong to try the famous Punggol Nasi Lemak. It wasn't that freaking cheap afterall. I ordered ikan kerring, 1 chicken wing, sayur lodeh and stir-fried french beans. It came up to $4.80. I was thinking, k lah, famous maybe that's why they can jack up the price a little, never mind... The infurating, blood boiling moment was when the auntie place a slice, ONE slice of cucumber on my plate and placed the cucumber basket next to the 'self-service' chilli. So I helped myself by taking 2 more slices. All nasi lemak stalls let you help yourself to extra slices of cucumber. She told me that magical 4 words, 黄瓜不够.

I was complaining and sulking the entire dinner. I was thinking if that uncle sitting there could have 1/4 of his plate filled with cucumber, what is 2 pieces. It was worse when I saw 4 customers who later sat at tables around us with TWO slices of cucumber on each of their plates. The chicken wing was nice, but the 4 magical words were still echoing in my head. the 4 of us cracked jokes about bringing our own cucumbers, collecting the uneaten pieces of cucumbers back to give to the auntie or going to buy cucumbers for the auntie.

When we finished our dinner, the 4 customers who shared EIGHT slices of cucumbers only ate 2 slices in total. SIX slices WASTED. never mind, another table i saw on the way out, had TWO slices on 2 plates left. a total of EIGHT slices wasted.

If you freaking hellish know that your 黄瓜不够, ration it in the first place. As a nasi lemak stall, how can you say 黄瓜不够?!?!?! Ask every customer if they would want cucumbers. If they don't eat it, they would say no. Or you could leave it there, beside your chilli and let customer take. if they want, they would take, if they don't want it, they won't even bother putting it on their plate. Charging so expensive for your nasi lemak, what is TWO extra slices of cucumber!!! And also knowing your business is good and the cucumbers will definately be not enough for the entire night, go out and buy lah! duh...

If any of you wana try the nasi lemak next time, remember to bring your own cucumbers. cos for them, its not 钱不够(money no enough), its 黄瓜不够(cucumber no enough). Maybe money too enough already, that's why cucumber no enough. Wait till they money no enough, then they will tell you cucumber always enough. Stupid service attitude, to think you're a nasi lemak stall without cucumbers... seesh...

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