Friday, July 07, 2006

Revised Cab Fares

After stupid blabbering, its time for some serious stuff. cab fares are revised again, n increased... since whn revision meant a decrease? hopefully the next revision brings a decrease... some reasons the media gave for the increase was cos taxi drivers not earning enough n the reduce the demand for taxis during peak periods.

personally, y taxi drivers not earning enough is becos thy keep choosing passengers. n sometimes not smart enough to know whr to look for passengers. n aso high rental n high energy cost...

thy choose in a sense that thy dun like short trips. for eg, from clementi central to my place and back again to central is less thn 10 mins, but on avg they earn abt 4 bucks. in an hour thy can earn abt 24 bucks and minus the diesel n rental for tt particular hour, i thk at least 15... disel dun cost as much as petrol mah...
rental is quite high, so cabbies always say hard to earn... esp during off-peak... look at taxi q's during off-peak period n u'll know. but during peak periods, we start to complain not enough taxi. its a supply n demand thingy. mayb taxi companies can start charging rent at per-hour blocks for part-time cabbies. so thy need not pay the high daily rental whn thy only earn during peak hours. so, this will help promote pple to turn to part time cabbies to help out during peak hours.

Some cabbies i know share cabs to offload the high rental. however most of them change shift ard 4-6pm. thy usually drive out to the neighbourhood areas to change shift. but dun really drive back to the cbd bcos of the erp but there are more pple wanting to move out from the cbd thn wanting to move in. so mayb thy can change their timing of changing shift? thn we can stop complaining we cant get cabs during peak periods esp in the cbd areas. even the cbd charge we pay when getting onto a cab during peak hours in a cbd area, which can help offset the erp charges are not very attractive to cabbies cos thy have to enter town in an empty cab which thy thk is bo hua.

mayb peak period charge should not go up. but instead the charge of driving out from cbd area during peak hour. if this offsets the erp n empty cab charges, cabbies are more tempted to enter town in an empty cab during peak hours.n this will offset the prob of seeing so many empty cabs driving ard the neighbourhood areas looking for "ghost" passengers. increasing the number of peak hours will not help aso... whn pple wana take a cab at this hour, it really means this hour. pple will not wait an hour just not to pay a few dollars. to many, time means money.

high energy costs cant be helped... but lowering the rental may help. taxi is also a form of public transport. all these rental cost will add up to the consumers cost. n if consumers stay away, it makes it even harder to earn rite? poor consumers, even poorer cabbies...

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