Saturday, July 15, 2006

Childhood Silly Memories Part 2

Date: Can't remember. It's one of those primary school days.
Time: Afternoon
Venue: At home
Activity: Ice-cube making
Silly Me: It's one of those days when i played "pretending". This day, i pretended to be a chef, n i wanted to make pear flavoured ice-cubes. I decided not to use pear juice, but decided to slice the pear skin in smaller pieces n place them into the ice cubes. so, there i was slicing the skin off the pear, throwing the UNEATEN pear into the dustbin thn i realised that my mum told me there is wax on the skin of fruits n its not good to be eaten. so i acted smart n washed the pear skin in detergent, yes, detergent as in ma-ma-lemon... thn i carefully place each piece of skin that i carefully cut into each slot of the ice-cube tray. i then poured water into the ice-cube tray n placed the tray into the freezer. when my mum came back, she did not notice the pear skins nor that the ice-cubes were not fully formed yet. she emptied the entire tray into the ice-cube box! whn i heard the plonk plonk sound of the ice-cubes into the box n mum saying, "aiyoh, ice-cubes not formed yet", i screamed. i told her to throw everything away cos the ice had detergent in it. i got a scolding, n i told her, all i wanted was just pear flavoured ice-cubes.

ahahaha... silly me...

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