Monday, July 24, 2006

My Happenings

Haven't been blogging for slightly more then a week, but i guess no one misses me anyway. no classes, so have been working n working. next time i'm gog back to school will be for exams in mid aug... off days aso nvr blog, cos gotta run errands n go for doc's appts. so here i am, blogging, cos i can sacrifice a little sleep as i'm off on tuesday n am bent on staying home n slack out.

last monday, i went for my dental. Dr Andrea Khor is away cos her hubby got a posting to somewhere n she followed along. My new dentist is so so much more stricter. but strict is good, at least i know i'm in good hands. after that i went for my driving lesson after slightly more then one n a half years. when i sat in the driver's seat, adjusted my mirrors n seat, put on my seatbelt n placed my hands on the steering wheel, i almost cried! i 'm so so terrified of bwang-ing the damn car! thankfully it was an auto lesson! if it was a manual lesson, i thk my car will "stop fire". although i'm taking a manual license, i have to fulfill 2 auto lessons. anyway, the instructor saw that i have not driven for a long time, so he told me to circle round the circuit 1st. so i stepped on the accelerator n my fears started disappearing with each round i went. thank God i still could steer well n keep in my lane! as i drove on, i felt better n better. whn i went onto the roads, i felt so much more confident!

work work work n another off day on friday. but i had an appointment with Dr Hwang. She sent me for a ultrasound and all was good. no signs of tumors. no sign of my cyst enlarging. dinner was with Dear. We went to try pizza hut's new cheesy bites. yummy!!! cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... so damn shiok!

Woke up at 6.30am on Sat morning to have breakfast at clementi central's market b4 gog to work. haven woken up so damn early for so long. thn went to work. after work, stomach started calling for food. ate with Dear at west coast market. thn stomach pain pain. haven't had such bad gastric pains for so long already. took antacid to feel better.

Had brunch with Dear at mos burger b4 work today. cheeseburger plain... so so yummy...

cheese is the best thing invented on earth. so is LV n Hello Kitty. haha...

oh, abt the paranoia stuff abt pple talking behind my back n hating me cos i'm a bimbo n have bad breath, i still can't shake off tt feeling. damn! song of the moment: Akon's Lonely...

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