Tuesday, July 04, 2006

England's Outta World Cup

England's out. But no one sees the mistake why they are out. World class players, but worse then team club tatics. Here's how i thk thy should play...

Defenders: Back four of Ferdinand, Neville, Terry and Ashley Cole. Alternatively, you can put Carragher or Campbell in. If only Luke Young was around.
Solid, stable if Ferdinand dun day dream and Terry dun make stupid mistakes and dun depend on Lampard or Gerrard to cover for him.
Cole n Neville can make decent crosses n passes and able to run down the flanks.
Midfield: Becks, Lampard, Gerrard and anyone except Joe Cole. can play a slightly diamond formation or straight line.
Becks would be needed for set pieces. who else can handle tt better thn him?
Lampard n gerrard very dangerous when they move up. y in the hell was gerrard playing a position slightly behind the midfield line? he's more dangerous when u play him supporting the strikers. lampard, bad form, keep passing to marked players when another players in the same line beside him is unmarked. highest shots on goal, but converted none.
Stuart Downing or Carragher or Hargreaves, anyone but joe cole. Same mistakes as lampard, cannot c their surroundings. dribble n lose the ball more then half the time. crosses n passes? i c none... just dribbling n losing the ball... anyone of those 3 mentioned could play better thn him. the liability of england 1st 11. y can't anyone c tt? very very extremely over-rated.
Fprward: Rooney n Crouch.
rooney never had match fitness. even match he played he did not have much support from his midfield. doesn't help that he's always having 2 plaryers marking him.
Crouch. best for set pieces. win hearders like 99% of the time. can chest down n hold the ball for midfield n rooney to run in n score.
with this formation n players, u can play on the ground with lampard, gerrard n rooney or in the air with becks n crouch (who will chest or head down for the others)

Defenders: Neville, Terry, Carragher n A. Cole. Same reasons as above with Ferdinand pushed to midfield coas he like to play with the ball, rather thn clear it.
Midfield: Ferdinand, becks, lampard, gerrard, rooney. diamond formation with ferdinand behind as a holding midfield, beck on rite, lampard mid n gerrard left, rooney in front of them.
ferdinand can pass the ball around n defend. he distributes quite well actually n can make decent passes n crosses when not day dreaming.
Becks, lampard, gerrard play as they should... passers pass, crossers cross.
rooney, in front of them to go forward. can aso dun play rooney. we have jenas, defoe... equally good n fast since rooney has no match fitness.
Forward: Crouch. u have gerrard n lampard to run in n do 1-2's with the person in front supporting them, in this case, rooney. thn pass to crouch or rooney to score.
becks can cross to crouch, n like above mentioned.

All these are without joe cole. he did not create, did not assist, did not win tackles, did not score n worse of all, kept losing the ball. even downing or hargreaves or carragher had a better game then him. should have never been in the 1st 11 this world cup.someone else deserve the place better.

another chealsea player that i thk played really badly was lampard. makalele n terry makes him look good in chealsea. over-rated player.

i admit my becks dun have decent games at times, but he did contributed when it matters. so did the rest. gerrard was great this world cup but he was like a horse chained to the half-way line. stupid tactics we have. gerrard is a box to box player, dangerous when forward. look at his club games n you'll know wht i mean. he kept playing behing lampard, which i really cannot figure out why. the only reason i could thk of was that he defends better thn lampard. but he's more dangerous in front then lampard. so y make him cover lampard? i really dun understand! i hope the next capt will be gerrard. although some say terry, i give my vote to gerrard although i'm a man u fan.


Ichibutt said...

I will put 1-5-4







- weiliang

paced said...

fwah lau... all spurs one... ah leong ah, ah leong...
but really lah, let me choose carragher n king, i'll choose carragher lor...
carrick is a good holding midfield, but need more exposure lah... still young n learning...
mayb one day we should email english FA to tell mclaren to wake up his ideas... mayb we should just email direct to him lah... now we know y boro cannot make it... hehe... mayb we should help him sort out his boro players as well... :P