Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Childhood Silly Memories Part 1

Just in case i go senile one day, whtever i can remember of my childhood, i'm gonna record it down...

Date: Can't remember. It's one of those primary school days.
Time: Late morning
Venue: Public bus-stop
Activity: Waiting for school bus to pick me up to school.
Silly Me: Remember those old bus-stops with 2 bars of green coloured railings. pple usually sit on the top one, resting their foot on the bottom one. As kids, we love to imitate adults. I n my few other friends sat on the railing too. but i decided to do a small stunt. i flipped myself over the railing n landed beautifully. there were encores to do the little stunt again. however i denied by cracking up an excuse that the bus is coming soon... why? i banged my head on the bottom bar n was in a giddy state. but because my friends were cheering me on, i pretended nothing happen, but held on to the railing for support.

Hahaha... silly me...

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