Sunday, October 28, 2001

27, hmm...

Yep, 2nd entry of the day. Mayb some of u might be wondering if '27', my jersey no., has any connection to him after reading the previous entry, well, not at all... Only started to kn him in Nov/Dec 2000, but had been using '27' ages ago, since I've gt a beeper.

At first I didn't had a habit of using a code, a no. to rep me till I started to alpha-pg (hmm, can't really remember the name for it). My bday is on the 24th. Cantona quitted in 1997/98, leaving jersey 7 empty. Becks (my fave player) took it. Combined 2 (starting no of my bday) and 7, thr u have it, 27! So, I've been using 27 for 3 yrs now... Hardly alpha-pg now, but 27 still sticks ard wif me.

Whn changing to M1 in mid 2000 and was scanning thru the list of nos., I saw *****020 (thk shld blank out some nos, cos dun really feel safe putting out my mobile no. on the net), 'po' my luck, i asked to c another list, containing the above first 6 nos. Thr was a *****027! So happy cos I thk it's kinda nice to have a sorta personalized mobile no., a no. ending wif my code!!!

Softball jerseys(printed ard end-Ang '98, '00) are 27 while playing for Ngee Ann. Although tis year I aso took 27, thr's no reason to change to another no. cos 27 is my no. rite?

Can't really remember other stuff (which deals wif nos.) tt I 'neigh si' wan 27, mayb the closest to it is tt whtever nos., like my pger and old mobile no., all must have 7 in them...

All's clear and declared, 27 has ntg to do wif him!

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