Friday, November 09, 2001


Hehe… MIA for one week plus liao. Anyway, I wrote this in my notebook on Monday aftnn, but only managed to find the energy and time to type it out now. Mayb kinda outdated but I need to address my grievances! Here it goes:

So wht? So wht if Man U lost to Liverpool 3-1? Liverpool can win this match and every single cup for all I care, but guess wht, they’ll win everythg except the Premiership. And does tt mean a 3-1 defeat = a big hoo-ha, 7 pages to be exact? Hey, Arsenal lost to CHARLTON 4-2 too! So wht is it wif tis particular media? Its sports rooms filled wif pple who pay pilgrimage to Anfield? Its been the so-called “Man U decade” and they can’t lost any single match? Arsenal’s 4-2 jus isn’t worth writing abt?

Puh-lease, even a Man U fan knows wht’s gog on and we DO NOT need reminders. So, tis media has to rub salt on open wounds or add fuel to fire? Give the players and fans a chance, or rather a break! Hey, try getting tis pple in tis media’s sportsroom to run on the field for 90 mins, like 2-3 times a week! Try hearing yourself at Old Trafford while the fans are cheering their fave team on! Try figuring out the morale they have now!

The league is still in its early stages, there’s still time for the players, esp for the defence to gel things up. Given the determination of the players and supporters, Man U will win it tis season, trust me! Sir Alex, although stubborn, will make sure tis pple eat their words, alternatively thy may choose to stuff it up their arse! Give him credit! We may cry foul at some of his decisions, but he has his reasons for them. He has scored in the days of Brucey & Pally & Schmikes & gang. He will score again nevertheless with Becks & Keano & Sols & gang! The youngsters in this team aren’t called Fergie Babes/ Fledging for ntg! Believe me, Man U will be popping champagne and pouncing ard a banner which reads “Carling Premiership Champions 2001/02” at the end of the season!

Oh yah, a particular Mr Edwin, pls eat yr words or wipe yr arse and prepare to stuff words up…

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