Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Restoration Of Pearly Whites - Part 4

As each day passes, I'm able to open my mouth bigger. I try not to open too big as I'm still on painkillers and afraid that because the pain is numbed, I'm actually stretching it and aggravate the wounds.

Today, I saw the wounds on the lower jaw. Maybe I've just eaten... Saw bits of food stuck on the ends of the stitching threads. Grossed me out a little. Perhaps I should start brushing the back few teeth as well or maybe just live on a liquid diet.
Saw some stitches on my inner cheeks as well, probably that's why my inner cheeks felt sore the other day.

The wounds are no longer itching that much, still aching a bit but I still dare not take myself off the painkillers. But I have to try because the painkillers have a little groggy/drowsy effect on me.
Overall, I think I'm coping better as each day passes, but now I'm starting to get scared... I'm scared of the pain when the stitches are removed. *Shudders* 6 years back around this time, I went through throbbing stabbing pain, even painkillers cannot numb the pain totally. My tolerance level of pain should be pretty good aye? But I can't take the aching pain now, that's why I'm still taking the painkillers...

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