Friday, August 26, 2011

The Winner Of Glee Project Is...

Sam and Damian!!! Both of them won 7 episodes arcs and I'm one super happy girl!

Ryan Murphy built up suspense, talking to Alex and Lindsay and telling them they did not win. Thus, it was down to Sam and Damian and Ryan said Sam won. After all the cheering and all between the 4 on stage, Ryan talked to Damian. And he, being ever so earnest, real and sweet, said that he was happy that Sam won. And then Ryan told him that he won too. The image of him jumping up and down on the stage still brings a smile to my face. So damn blardi cute!

Then Ryan called to both Alex and Lindsay. Telling them that the writers would like to write a guest-starring 2 episodes arc for each of them too. So, all won something in the end!

I hope the writers would do something for Hannah and Cameron too! heheheh

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