Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Restoration Of Pearly Whites - Part 5

Before I begin on the update, I have something to say.
Blogger.com, give me back my old template!!! I clicked on the "Try the updated Blogger interface". Realizing that my blog template changed and I had to customize from scratch, I did not save the changes and then switched it back to the current interface. And guess what, the template that you are looking at now remained. WELL DONE... Why wasn't there any prompting that blog template/designs would not be kept?! So now, I will probably have to burn my weekend editing and customizing a template.
I do have a CSS template saved eons ago, but I can't edit CSS no matter how hard I try. At least using it as a guide, I will be able to know how my right hand bar used to look like and what links it had, and work something out...

Ok, back to the update on my teeth...
I don't know if it's me and my eyes, but my right cheek still looks more puffy compared to the left. Maybe I'm aware of the stitches on the inner right cheek, hence I feel this way. Once in a while, the wounds on the lower jaw still ache a little, like what I drink something too hot or something too cold, or when I open my mouth too big, or when I yawn.
Though there are stitches, I can see from the lower jaw that not the entire gaping hole is being stitched up. Comparing now to when I first saw the wounds, the holes seem to be a little teeny weeny bit smaller. I dunno if the holes are meant to be closed up, but if they are, then I guess that's good news.

I kinda know how Survivor contestants feel when they are able to brush their teeth with toothpaste after not being able to for a period of time, especially for contestants who get booted to Ponderosa.
I didn't brushed my teeth since Day 1 of the extraction, only using mouth rinse, because I don't dare to open my mouth that wide. Even when I was able to, I was afraid the bristles might get caught in the stitches, so I brushed lightly without any toothpaste in the event the foam blurred out everything inside my mouth, and then followed up with the mouth rinse.
Finally, on yesterday night, I brushed my teeth with toothpaste for the first time in 12 days. The feeling is super shiokness and it felt super clean. I probably only brushed the 8-12 front teeth, as I'm still afraid, but it was very satisfying! The shiokness and clean feeling of brushing my teeth with toothpaste this time surpasses the shiokness and clean feeling of bathing after Poly softball training (where we used to pull/drag each other into/around the mud after trainings).

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