Sunday, August 28, 2011

Restoration Of Pearly Whites - Part 3

Some updates as per the last post... No, did not go for more extractions or started on the root canal and crowning yet, but just some happenings...

Remember I was saying that the wounds are itching, rather than being painful? I'll take that back... From Day 3 on, they are itching and there's an aching pain to it. It gets more intense when the painkillers are wearing off, while rest of the time, it just itches.
Dear's remedy to the itch: put an ice pack on the cheek. It works quite well actually. But I have to be careful not to press too hard. I actually do have a habit of cupping my jaw with my hand and resting my face on my hand when I'm in front of the computer. Perhaps this experience will cut the habit.
As for the pain, I'm dutifully taking it as per prescribed. I stopped taking thinking there was no pain, but when I woke up yesterday, it was aching and sore. So I had no choice but to take.

I'm still on a soft diet, anything that let me minimize on chewing... Eg, minced meat, smashed fish, smashed carrots, porridge, soy beancurd, soggy cut noodled, ice cream, milk, milo, etc. I'm eating almost every 2-3 hours or so when I'm awake, get hungry a little easier. Feel like I'm a baby...

Some of my friends were wondering why I chose to extract all at one go and not split it into 2 treatments. I figured that while doing root canal and crowning, I would probably be suffering the same thing, so if I could cut short the suffering period, I would rather do so. Go through it all at once, rather then again and again.
Some were also joking that I got a little shortchanged by doing so. The dentist usually gives a 5-7 days MC for wisdom tooth extraction. So if I were not to extract all at once, I could have gotten at least 20 days of MC. hahahah... No thank you, I don't think I can take it...

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