Friday, August 26, 2011

Restoration Of Pearly Whites - Part 2

As per the last post, I didn't start on the root canal and crowning right away as I needed to extract all four wisdom teeth plus a molar, which are all infected and are seemingly "time bombs".

Yesterday was the extraction. As one of the wisdom teeth was partially embedded and my gum has to be cut, I chose sedation as I didn't want to feel a thing. So, there I was lying down on the dentist chair with pulse and blood pressure readers all hooked up. The anesthetist was asking me what's my weight, I gave him my answer. Then he commented that that was light, so did the oral surgeon, and I knocked out. Can't remember a single thing after that.
I could only recall someone calling my name, but I couldn't open my eyes. I heard the nurse asking someone "wake up already?", and that someone, the boyfriend, answered "not yet". When he came into the room, I have no freaking idea.
When I finally woke up, I was still kinda groggy, kinda couldn't walk very straight. My whole cheekbone to chin area was numb and my throat was damn freaking dry. Couldn't really talk... Got briefed about the mouth rinse and my check up was set on 8 Sep. Went to the toilet and attempted the drip some water down my throat, but even the back of my mouth is numb. The water, mixed a little of the blood, ended up dripping out of my mouth and staining my tee. Changed the gauze, caught a cab and went home. I can't remember where the boyfriend and I caught the cab from and who paid for the cab.
Upon reaching home, I changed and set the alarm clock to wake up and take my painkillers and antibiotics. When I woke up when the alarm rang, and the boyfriend was trying to dig me up to take the meds. If I recall correctly, I think I told, or rather slurred to him that my mouth is still numb and there's no way I can swallow the meds. Not too sure if I went back to sleep again or I just lied in bed...
When I finally sobered at about 3 (according to my Facebook post), I brought my laptop out to the living room and plonked myself in front of the TV. Mouth was still numb and I have no idea how I'm going to swallow the meds. At about 4 plus (again according to my Facebook post), I felt the aching and pain start to set in, so I told myself, die die also have to swallow the meds. I heated up soy beancurd and swallow it bit by bit, but it was damn difficult still. When I finished eating, the numbness seemed to go away a little, I could feel my left cheek n and left corner of my lower lip, but right side still can't feel a thing... But I still managed to swallow the meds.
At night, my inner cheeks started to feel damn sore... I still managed to brush my teeth a bit and rinsed my mouth with the mouth rinse. But I had trouble sleeping lying down. The top right wound seems to ache more when I lie down, so I went to the living room and brought the beanbag in and onto my bed. I slept in a reclined position.
And when I found the best position, the wounds started to itch a little. I was so hoping that I don't stick a finger into my mouth to scratch them and that my tongue will stay good and not go and play with the wounds. Improvising from a friend's advice to line the pillows with towels just in case I drool, I tied a towel around my neck and treated it like a bib. And then I finally went to sleep...

This morning my alarm woke me up to take my antibiotics. Went back to sleep after taking and finally woke up at about 1+ in the afternoon. Freshened up, had lunch, took meds and starting working. It's weird that the wounds are itching and aching, rather than being painful. But I guess that's good news because it means the wounds are healing!

One thing I still can't figure out... I had extracted adult teeth before when I was younger because of braces. But I don't recall the wounds being so troublesome!!! They don't itch and I can open my mouth wide. Now, I can't, and my inner cheeks are still dam freaking sore...

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