Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Stuff That Took Little Too Long

Remember I was ranting about some website using my photo without my permission in this entry? 16 days later, still no reply from the website. My photo's still there. Can anyone teach me what to do next? Should I give up and treat it as free "advertorial" or should I press on further?

FINALLY, Kristy Lee Cook has been eliminated. Even Simon Cowell said that her time is up. But why did America take soooooo long to decide? I guess you really needed a favourite to wake the voters out and Remy and Michael were scarificed.

Finally, the US trip is here. When I first started my degree, I was saying "will go US in 2 years to complete it." Last year, I was saying "next year go US." End of last year, I was counting down in months saying, "going over in (how many) months time." Then it became, "I'm going over next month!" As of today, I shall say, "I'M GOING OVER NEXT FRIDAY!!!" Woohoo!!! Finally!!!

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