Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol SHOCKER...

Warning/ Disclaimer: If you are waiting for tonight's broadcast to know who is the latest to be eliminated from American Idol, DO NOT read this post...

Ok, it has been validated and confirmed that American Idol voters once all over again are DEAF and have NO ears!!!

I OFFICALLY HATE KRISTY LEE COOK NOW!!! KNNBCCB!!! F***ed-up bitch!!! Are there any more swear words I can use now?
This f***ing bitch miraculously stayed for ANOTHER WEEK while one of my favourites, Michael Johns is eliminated!!! If possible, can I just kick her off the stage instead of vote to eliminate her?
To date this bitch has eliminated 3 of my favourites who are better then her, Asia'h, Amanda and Michael. She is just damn freaking lucky she has a bit of looks (but now I find her totally FUGLY) BUT she CAN'T sing!!!
She is also damn freaking lucky that she managed to stay through the Beatles weeks because after that was a country week. This week, inspirational songs, meaning you can choose any damn song in the world as long as it inspires you. So, this lucky bitch chose yet another country song.

I have nothing against country and with this statement, I present proof with a past entry that I simply adore Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler. I just hate BAD singers and singers whom I DO NOT think deserve the position!!!
Flash back to Season 5, when Chris Daughtry was voted off in place of Elliot Yamin and tua-neh-bu Katherine Mcphee, I did not make such hella noise like now! Not that I admit that both of them are better singers, but I felt that it was ok because they deserve the position.
This bitch DOES NOT deserve the postion!!!

If it was rock week in place of Beatles, she would not have survived! The producers are damn good to her. Or rather, good to themselves, knowing that a pretty lass will pull ratings up. And of cos knowing that in order to get rid of this bottom-3 resident who sings horribly, viewers have to vote for the others, and votes equals moolah...

I WANT ROCK WEEK NEXT WEEK!!! No wait, then my Brooke White how? K, let me think about it...


krisandro said...

Wah.... i loved Michael Johns... Can't forget his performance when he sang at Hollywood week.

Americans are deaf, Kristy should have been voted out ages ago...

Jas aka paced said...

Kris: Precisely.

Should have been out of top 12, but took Asia'h place. Never mind. Slightly pissed already.
Took Amanda's place. Never mind. More pissed already.
Took Chikezie's place. Totally pissed already. Never mind.
Took Remy's place. Blood boil already. Never mind.
Took Michael's place, my limited knowledge of hokkien all out already.

Anonymous said...

Never watch American Idol but I think she is pretty. U are jealous about her look aren't u??

Jas aka paced said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for not leaving your name, so I don't know how to address you. Can I call you "eh"?
No response? Ok, Slience means consent.

Anyway, if one is pretty, there will be others who are prettier, there's nothing to be jealous about.
American Idol is a singing contest, not a beauty contest. I'm just pissed why better singers are eliminated that's all.