Monday, March 12, 2007

STM... Class Start Liao...

I have to remember to ask my docs if my treatments had anything to do with my memory. I realise that I'm very STM recently, or rather since a few months back. It's either that, or that I'm stressed. Even worse, I'm getting senile, or my grey matter is dying/ disintegrating or my brain is shrinking...
I could be in my room, thinking of going to the living room or kitchen to get something or to tell my family members something. Once I step outside of my room, I forgot what I had initially planned to do.
At work, I see "holes" on the sales floor and would remember certain titles and the quantity I have to take to top up. I walk towards the browsers and would sometimes end up with either a title less or forgot the quantity to a title.
I find myself writing down a "things to do" or "things to look out for" list more often then before.
A few days back, I and Dear were in town to collect my ring, which he bought for me for V-day and was sent for alteration. The night before, I had mentally made a note to pass by Sasa or Lucky Plaza to get some sample-size skincare products cos I wanted to wait till I had finished everything and get them altogether at the counters to "qualify" for the amount needed to get freebies (hehe...). But, I simply forgot.
Last week, a friend sms to mit for a Wednesday dinner. I wanted to reply the next day, cos, I forgot why I wanted to reply the next day, but definately due to some reason. I did not do so, and only remembered that I have yet to reply at like past midnite, on Wednesday morning itself, abt 1-3am, just when I was abt to go to sleep. Why I say 1-3am? Cos I forgot the excate time and for the past week, I'm been going to sleep at that time. So I told myself, so late, better not wake my friend up, sms her when I wake up. So I woke up quite late as usual, bathe, took lunch while watching vcd, read my text while watching vcd, American Idol, VV Drama, Heroes, and 麻辣天后宮. Returned to my room after these "must watch" and packed for class starting on Thursday and continued with my text and went to bed. I only remembered on Saturday morning, abt 1-3am, just when I wanted to sleep, that I had forgotten to reply regarding the dinner. The "best" part was, I was thinking to myself, "oh shit, forgot to reply to Chee abt dinner yesterday (Thursday)."

I'm taking another politics module now. Coincidently, this lecturer and the last one are called Dr. L. Lets name them L1 for the previous one, and L2, for the present one. I prefer L2 better cos he's slower, explains better and clearer, and he give us time to chew, swalow, digest, absorb and complete finish writing down the points, as he pauses before he moves on. L1 talks like a machine gun and before I could properly chew and swallow, not even talking about digesting or absorbing it, the next point comes in hard and fast. I can't even complete the 1st point he's talking about, and when I'm done, he's like on the 3rd or 4th one. Its like having a mouthful already, but 3 mouthfuls are being forced into your mouth at the same time.
But L2 sometimes can be too slow, I wonder if he's daydreaming at times; but, I really appreciate it. Even for self-explanatory graphs, he takes care to point out and explains the reasons for the numbers. Some might say this is "spoon-feeding" but it's useful to me cos I'm a Singaporean who don't follow politics, not to even mention politics of other countries, let alone comparing them. This meticulous way of teaching, I really damn appreciate. He's also damn kind to let me bring home the slides to scan. I really hope the other lecturers are like that... Oh, there are also 2 other lady lecturers I like, and I'll be seeing 1 of them a few more times cos some other modules are also taught by her. hehe...

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