Monday, March 26, 2007

Constitution, Laxatives, PET Scan, Dinner, Kbox, Soccer and Starbucks!

Can't get to sleep. Maybe it's because I've been sleeping at almost 6am the last two nights, or rather, morning. The past week was well spent. I had time to do my essay a bit, had time to relax a bit, stone a bit, had time to shop a bit, had time to catch up with friends, had time to spend with Dear, well, almost had time for everything.

On Wednesday: I went for tutorials. Amazing, I actually went for tutorials. Well, I went not because the lesson was interesting, but because I wanted to help a friend who's drawing up a constitution thingy for the school's student body council. Hopefully once the constitution is up and set, the council can officially start.
Once I reached home, I quickly tried to settle the farewell dinner on Thursday. Felt kinda bad to reject a request to go back to work on Thursday cos of the farewell dinner and cos I had to prepare for my PET scan on Friday... IF ONLY the male lead of the farewell dinner could have said earlier that he could not make it, then I won't have to last minute tell everyone... But well, timing always not as good as expected. So the farewell dinner was pushed to Friday together with another of my girl's birthday dinner.
Then the guys decided to meet at a friend's place at 1ish to discuss the constitution thingy. But, it's, erm, at (as I quote) Yio Chu Ulu Samy Kang, so I decided to meet them online instead.

Thursday: when I woke up and washed up, it was past 1ish already. I was a good girl, didn't go anywhere but online. In the end, they cancelled the "appointment". No "meeting", no farewell dinner, I stayed at home. Just as well, cos I won't know when the laxatives will start "executing their powers". First dose taken after lunch. All the way till dinner, no shit...
Met Dear for dinner and went over to his place to sleep so we could leave the house together the next morning and he could wake me up. After dinner, took the second and final dose of laxative. Refused to sleep till 3+, 4am so I could at least clear my bowels once and I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night, running to the toilet. But, still no shit! Couldn't take it anymore, and decided to sleep.

Friday: woke up damn early. Wanted to leave the house at 8.45am. But, tummy was churning and it was time to shit. At long last! I was wondering if I had to go for the scan "un-shitted". Finally left the house slightly after 9am and took a cab down. Was in the lift when the Centre called. When I stepped into the Centre, the receptionist was, "Ah, Jasmine right?"
So, I went through the entire process, which I was so familiar with. Changed, sit down, took blood glucose level, drank the eeky contrast/ dye barium solution - and I would pinch my nose to make it easier to drink. That's when something happened. The male Filipina radiologist, whom to me was very professional and not seem like a person who crack jokes, laughed and said, "Last year also like that," everyone laughed, including Dear. Next step, I went to the room, waited for the doc to inject the needle and lay in waiting for the radioactive isotopes to arrive. I waited and waited, and I had simply no idea that I had fallen asleep! It was only until a lady "patient executive" (I don't know what to call her, and she's a new face), came into the room and told me I could go to the toilet and sit down outside the room to wait for my turn to be scanned. I asked her, "I thought I was waiting for the isotope?" She replied and said that it was injected already. I went to the toilet and sat outside the room and waited. Just then, the radiologist walked by and said that I fell asleep, when the doc injected the isotope, I didn't even feel it, nor moved at all. We both laughed and I was my turn to be scanned. Just as the scan started, my bladder started to call out and say that it was full. Damn, the room so blardi cold, and it would take at least half an hour. After the scan was done, I quickly went to the toilet and sat there and waited for them to take the needle out. Went to change and "stole" a plaster from them to cover the needle hole. As I was walking out to settle the payment, the radiologist saw me and helped me with the plaster. Made payment and went for lunch, while I sms-ed one of my friend that I can't meet them for lunch at Red Star, cos after making payment it was already close to 1pm.
Went to Mos Burger at Ngee Ann City and went to Biotherm upstairs at Takashimaya to get my products. Walked over to HMV to buy some of my "reserved" stocks. That's when I told Dear, "I think I'm becoming a Biotherm convert ever since using the sample of Abdo Choc." Bought my cds, magazines, Dear's dvd and magazine and made our way back to collect the scan. Timing couldn't had been better, cos the results were not at the counter. The receptionist had to walk into the room to fetch the report out. Usually, when the reports are done and sealed, these huge envelopes would be placed at the counter.
Dear checked that the past films were not missing, while I read the report. For a moment there, I freaked out. In layman terms, there was something in my lung and an ovarian cyst. Went to Dr Hwang and she gave me the reassurance that there's nothing much to worry about. She explained that from time to time, our lungs may have slight infections, so that explains the "imperfection" in the scan for the lung area. As for the cyst, she said that we may have to keep an eye on it because that little dot there may just be an egg, during the ovulating period.
Went back to Dear's place to put down his stuff and collect my lappy and other stuff that I did not bring along, while Dear freshened up and took a quick shower. Went back to my place to put down everything, freshened up, put on some makeup and took a cab down to meet ZY, while Dear went to Selegie to have a game or two before joining us for dinner.
ZY, Dear and me were the first few, PJ came next, then male lead and wife at 8.15pm. Appointment was supposed to be at 7.30pm, but as expected, jams everywhere, thus the delay. Birthday gal and boyfriend came shortly after. After dinner, PJ, male lead and wife went home, while we went to Kbox at Paradiz and ZY's boyfriend came down to join us. They did not have a room for 6 and gave us a room for 30 instead. An hour later, they shifted us to a room for 6, and we had to re-program our songs. Within 5 mins, we gave up and changed to another room, cos it was kinda stuffy. We got another room and sang all the way till 3am. ZY's boyfriend drove me and Dear back to my place, I freshened up and went to Dear's place to zzz.

Saturday: I woke up at 11+, sms-ed my friends and went back to sleep again. Eventually, Dear and I woke up at 2.30pm. Went to Jurong East for lunch and I went to the library to return my books and borrowed some others, while Dear went to do his own stuff. By the time I reached home, it was 9+ already. As I haven't been doing much of my essay the past few days, I tried to pia as much as I could. Dear came over with McNuggets and Curry Sauce! Haha, I've been craving for that since Thursday! Watched the England vs. Israel match, big big disappointment. Boring match. Will explain why in the next entry...
After the match, went over to Dear's place again.

Today: Helped Dear with a bit of housework cos his parents are not around and the dust from the renovations are driving us nuts. Went for lunch and settled at Starbucks to do a bit of my assignment while Dear read papers and accompanied me. At last I had some proper coffee after almost 2 months. Coffee without weird sourish or bitter after-taste. Why can't coffees at home be like those at Starbucks or Coffeebean? Sigh...
Came back to put down my stuff and went out for dinner at a air-con zi char place in West Coast. There's this couple who sat down just before us. But they took tooooooo long to order and thus we got the "today's special", instead of them. The "today's special" are all displayed in a chiller beside the cashier counter and only one piece per item, thus its a first-order-first-get basis. When our vegetable and pork chop came, the lady went to make noise, saying like why we got our food, yet they still don't have theirs. She kept pointing to our table and made comments that the entire eatery could hear. The explosion came when the fish came to our table. She went up to the cashier counter, pointed at our yummy Teochew-styled steamed promfret, and made a hell lot of noise, saying, "I thought you said the fish was mine?!" I became sarcastic and told my parents, who were sitted facing her to slowly devour the fish and make a yummy looking face. In the end, the manager had to "appease" her, but her mouth never stopped making noise. Maybe she's an empty vessel that's why. I felt like going over and say, "Hey bitch, so what if you sat down first, we have better brains than you and know what we wana eat fast and ordered fast. So, if you did not get the "special" you wanted, too bad, cos you are S-L-O-W." When making payment, she also had to make noise; I pity her husband...
Reached home and spent the night on my essay and trying to sleep and now blogging and now feeling sleepy already...

Eventful and packed days. I feel useful...

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