Monday, March 26, 2007

England vs. Israel

The England team was practically made up of 3 useful and active players only, with the rest being rendered useless because of tatics and positions problem with the exception of 2 who shouldn't even play at all...

Robinson was kinda free, Israel didn't have much good shots.
Ferdinand was as usual, dreaming only...
Carragher had a good game. One of those that really played.
Phil Neville had a good game too. Both he and Carragher were covering for Ferdinand while he wandered in dreamland. He would perform even better if placed in the left, instead of the right; which was his position for so many years.
Terry was usual, clearing the ball when it needs to get cleared.
Gerrard had a good game.
Hargreaves was on form but a bit out of position, thus couldn't perform his best.
Lampard, as I repeat, shouldn't have played. Pratically CMI. Cannot create play and gets the ball too often as I was thinking, "What for pass the ball to him?"
Lennon had a presence. But McClaren played him in the wrong position. Pratically, a player who could be of some help and of some use was kinda rendered useless.
Johnson had a presence too. But as a target man, he was a bit off, somehow just not there.
Rooney was playing in a game he shouldn't have played at all because the tatics used don't suit his play.
When Downing and Richards came on as substitutes, Dear and I were like, huh? Only Defoe came on and made a difference.

?1: Since Ferdinand is always in lalaland, why not just drop him? (reminder: I'm a Man Utd fan) Push Carragher to mid and call for Luke Young. Young can play right, while Nev can move to left.
?2: Lampard is a CMI player. He can perform in Chelsea is because of Makelele and because people feed him the ball. I don’t know I said this how many times already. Plus the fact he needs a deflection to score, sigh…
?3: Time to bring Becks back into the squad? I can’t help but say that. When you need good crossers and free-kick specialists, you have none. Bring Becks along, but unless you are playing a crossing game and if still don’t wana put him in the starting line-up, at least on the bench lah, duh!
?4: Hargreaves, Lennon and Downing are good players, but please give them their positions, putting players out of their positions only rendered them useless. With the exception of some “utility” players who can play like 4-6 positions; players like Carragher or P. Nev.
?5: Though players are good like Rooney, playing tactics that don’t suit their style of playing will just render them useless.

McClaren better wise up his game, if not he'll face the sack.

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