Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PET Scan Rescheduled

Now, i have to wait for till 4 Oct to know if I can be taken off oral chemo drugs. This morning I got a call from the clinic to remind me of the scan tomorrow. Later in the afternoon, I got another call from them telling me thy have to postpone my scan because there was some trouble with the production of the radioactive thingy (used to inject patients with for the scan) at a local hospital. Apparently, this local hospital is the only place producing the radioactive thingy, and the WHOLE of Singapore is affected. Now, should the medical association do something about it? Maybe they should have another hospital or institute producing the radioactive thingy so when (choy, touch wood) the same damn thing happens, at least only part of Singapore is affected, not whole of Singapore.

I'm pissed. How can there be no backup kinda thing?! For an anxious patient like me, wanting to know if I'm "fully cured" n can live life without the support of oral chemo drugs, the postponement is killing me. Apparently, everything will be back to normal on Friday and I can actually go for the scan on Frday. But Dr Hwang's flying off on Thursday n only returning on the 3rd! Why do you think i purposely arrange for the scan to be done tomorrow while I finish my "final" dosage of oral drugs today!?

No supplies, no scan, no point cancelling driving or work to go for the scan as it takes half a day for the entire process and another half a day wait for the results. No point gog for the scan n getting the results, but no doc to tell me yes, no, need to continue with the drugs or not.

It doesn't help that I'm getting paranoid abt my gastric problems (my tummy's hurting again now and it did last night) and backaches on and off (like an electric jock/shock, luckily not like last time which is a constant pain hammering on my back that only painkillers would make me feel betta). This PET scan originally scheduled for tomorrow will at least gimme answers!!!

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