Monday, September 25, 2006

Chocolate Makes You Happy?

I was drinking Milo during dinner break while at work yesterday. Usually we wouldn't eat outside, but would make take-aways and go back to the corridor outside the security checkpoint to have our meals. It was the first day of the fasting month, so only 2 colleagues and me were etaing. A colleague finished her meal n left the table. The other colleague was finishing his meal n commented that I looked so contented and happy drinking my Milo. I replied, "Chocolate make you happy!" He said he agreed with me.

After he finished his meal, he left the table. While I was still there at the table alone, tackling the hot Milo. When I recalled what he said, tears welled up. Had to curb the urge to cry.

Why am I having so much food cravings nowdays? I had laksa for supper ystday n for today's lunch. I'm drinking Milo for 2 days straight. Do I really believe that chocolate makes one happy? If it really does, how come I don't feel it? After feeling the swell, I've been spending every nite with Dear. I admit. I'm freaked out, afraid. I want to eat what I like, drink what I like, do what I like and be with the person I love before I discover the truth about the swell. I'm scared of a truth that I might face.

Does not help that there a suspense about it since Dr Khor and Dr Hwang, my 2 lovely, trusty oncologists are away. Seeing a GP would not help in any way. I told Dear to just let me enjoy one week of my life because, in case, if anything happens, I'd be faced with a lot of "restrictions". I want my favourite, lovely, spicy Bee Hoon Kuah...

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what is milo????