Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mystery of "W"

I told my co-ordinator about my grade online during my break today. She said will help me check and will call me once she has got any news.

I got a call from her around 4pm just now. Apparently, my exam script and assignment was sent to the university in US, but it wasn't marked, hence the "W" for withdrawal. They are now investigating and pursuing a grade for me.

Still, I still don't quite well fucking understand... When you send out result slips, don't you check to make sure that you had printed out everyone's? If someone's was missing, don't you check why it was missing? If it was a "I" for incomplete or "W" for withdrawal, don't you double check with the student if he/she had indeed missed out certain stuff to get a "complete" grading?

Why only check when the student makes a big hoo-ha outta it? If I never bothered to double check or press for my results, am I gonna have the "W" all the way till when i come back from the US n find out that I can't graduate?

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