Friday, September 22, 2006

No Way... Please!!!

I can feel the right side of my neck, below my jaw, is swelling, just like last March... However, the swell now is slightly nearer to my shoulder, unlike last time, it was nearer to my jaw. I'm getting paranoid... Am i gonna have a relaspe? Now I start to wonder how come my hearing's a bit weird... Sometimes I feel like I'm on an airplane. But the only comforting point is that I have no nosebleeds...

Almighty God, please, I beg You, dun pull a fast one on me. Now that Dr Hwang is planning to stop my oral drugs, I should be counting down the days of remission left. Pls, not like the last time after i completed my radiotherapy, thn it was discovered that the cancer cells have spread n then I had to go for chemo... Not now when the whole cycle of treatment is complete, (choy, touch wood), i have to go thru everything again... Papa in Heaven, pls... You have answered my prayers n gave me another chance at life knowing I have only 2 months left. Pls let this be just a scare, a neck sprain, a tight muscle. In Jesus Holy name I pray, Amen!

If only that local hospital's machine did not break down, I could have gone for my PET scan n it would have been picked up n Dr Hwang could do something abt it... Now, I have to wait... Papa in Heaven, is this Your will?

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