Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ramen Ramen

Total writeoff... unless its the only food left in singapore then i'll go eat it. compared to Ajisen, i dunno who's worse. Looks like now i still can find a good ramen place in singapore. think i'll stick to my Shimbashi soba still...

Thumbs down: The ACOUSTICS was damn bad, everything was echo-y n u cant hear the staff properly. the lights are dim but luckily bright enough to make out what you are eating. place is blardi small (no wonder for the long qs). seats are damn blardi hard too.
Redeeming factor: the AROMA of the tonkotsu soup fills the place yet you dun walk out smelling like a piece of pork.

Thumbs down: The NOODLES were damn bland. we ordered a sweetcorn ramen, a chisu ramen (which was chasu ramen with cheese), tori karaage n grilled codfish. besides the noodles, the browish overnite beansprouts in the bowls of ramen were a big turnoff, all my appetite n anticipation to enjoying a bowl of ramen disappeared as soon as they appeared. the ramen came with the soup warm, not piping hot, on another tot, maybe even lukewarm. the tori karaage's batter was overly flourly n the chicken bland. the grilled codfish had a fishy smell.
Redeeming factor: the SOUP was tasty even when its cold. although the tori karaage's batter failed me, the chicken inside was bland, the chicken came piping hot n juicy.

I would think that's all i would comment on ramen ramen. by the way, their speciality, ramen ramen ramen is just plainly chasu ramen... compared to ajisen, sigh, each has its own thumbs down factors... ajisen's noodles are nicer on its own, even without the soup n they boost a wider variety, if only they maintain their standards for every bowl, every outlet...

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