Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Who is Noire?

Some pple just like to b secretive, no idea y.
Noire, u reminded me of my dreams n goals.
Noire, u only leave a pm on irc.
Noire, i know u might hv a good chance of reading this.
Noire, who in the world r u?
Noire, pls own up n identify yrself d next time u pm me.
Noire, i would like to thank u personally for the pm-es u left me.
Noire, i dunno how come u know i'm sick, but i guess u might have heard frm someone.
Noire, pls tell me who's the someone u heard from if u wana keep yr identity a secret.
Noire, pls understand that communication works both ways, so i wana reply to u.
Noire, pls tell me who u r.
Noire, by keeping quiet, u're kinda driving me nuts.
Noire, here's the pm i got from u today....
sorry i think i flooded u. but in case u didn't receive the msg.. i'll paste it here again.. i feel you need this msg.. it'll remind u of some things in your life. You're fighting hard and you're fighting well.. never let the evil win.. you're born with a strong and fiery heart.. you have softball to play.. to see the home runs.. to go to the Baseball League in the states to watch the matches.. you'll go. I know you will :) Your dreams await you. They are always there waiting.. just a stone's throw away. You may be worn down.. you may be in pain.. but take it slowly.. one step at a time.. fight the battle a little step at a time.. you'll eventually prevail. I believe in you. Jas is always a warrior, a stubborn one :P No one can ever take your dreams away from you.. no one. You'll reach your stars one day. Meanwhile.. let's win this war and all these battles! One step at a time! You can do it, Jasmine the strong cancerian! Ganbatte kudasai. Jas-chan.

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