Sunday, October 02, 2005

Shimbashi Soba revisted...

After an out-of-the-wordly-horrible lunch at Ramen Ramen ystday which kinda spoiled my day, everything was made rite again with dinner at Shimbashi Soba. muahahahaha! yes, i was at Shimbashi again! even my dad said the 70+ bucks we spent there compared to the 30+ earlier in the day was more worth it.

i went with my parents n we ordered Set A, Set B, Gumoko Soba n Chicken Crepe Salad. the sets are avaliable daily from 2.30pm onwards. whereas the Gumoko Soba and Chicken Crepe Salad are only avaliable this month cos they are monthly specials. yummy...... still savouring the taste now... set A was teriyaki tori, salmon sashimi, fish cutlet with noodles (soba or udon, chilled or warm). set b was soft shell crab, agedashi tofu, beef (done the yoshinoya beef bowl way) with noodles (soba or udon, chilled or warm). i took set a, my dad set b, my mum gumoko soba. as my dad dun take beef n i had to stay away from anything uncooked (to prevent any infections), i traded my sashimi for my dad's beef.

everything was as good as expected but the beef, i tell you, was better then expected. think yoshinoya beef bowl, but no beefy smell n thicker, tastier gravy. if shimbashi decided to do cheaper take-away bentos for lunch-time office crowd n introduce teriyaki chicken bowl n beef bowl like yoshinoya, yoshinoya would be outta business in no time. which actually, would b quite a pity cos i love yoshinoya too. but honestly, i love Shimbashi better! hehe...

if anyone gog to Shimbashi this month to try food, pls pls try their monthly specials. the monthly specials this month all sound damn good because the menus all comes with descriptions of what you are ordering (unlike at Ramen Ramen whr u hardly c pics or any descriptions - ok, i know i'm slamming them again, but i cant help it).

Another comparision i'm gonna make for Shimbashi is Ichiban Boshi. I've been to Ichiban Boshi 4 (or issit 5) times already, but the urge to keep going back is not as strong as Shimbashi. Maybe its the specials menu that's y i would wana go back n try the food. Ichiban also serves specials at different outlets although i'm not too sure how often they change the specials menu. however, the urge to check back the specials n try them is definately not as strong as Shimbashi.

i think now, if anyone feels like treating me for lunch or dinner, the 1st place i'd name would be Shimbashi. if anyone dunno whr to eat and asks me to suggest a place, i'd name Shimbashi. if anyone wans to celebrate any occasions, i'd name Shimbashi. I LOVE SHIMBASHI!!!

p.s: anyone (who loves japanese food, esp soba) reading this blog entry, i beg u, pls go try!!!

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