Sunday, September 02, 2001

England won 5-1

Writing an entry at this unearthly hour cos I couldn't get to sleep. Have to wake up at 7am later cos gog down to Kallang to catch softball and baseball matches. Since I can't get to sleep at this hour, I might as well be better off staying awake...

Nothing interesting on telly now, not even cable. It's Sept liao, SCV still owns me Telescope, a monthly magazine that show the listings for the month, . Dunno when it will arrive. Real Player refuse to work, so no live stream radio today.

Watched the England vs Germany World Cup Qualifier just now. England won 5-1. Really din expect it. Was only looking forward to a draw or England winning by a goal at most. Germany was always considered a stronger team. Owen scored a hat-trick, the other goals were scored by Heskey and Gerrard. Well done England! Well done Owen!

Shld I force myself to sleep? So afraid that I can't wake up. Scar-li I fall asleep at Kallang later. Sigh... Mayb I shld take a nap after all...

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