Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moving On To Los Angeles...

Presenting to you, the journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles through peektures!!!And so, we reached Los Angeles. We unpacked a little and decided where to have dinner. My sis suggested Yoshinoya, since we saw it while driving and it was only a few blocks away. I was telling my dad to drive, but he said no need and did not want to, maybe he is tired after driving for so long.
And so, we walked to Yoshinoya, which is damn far lah, although it was only a few blocks away. Moreover the sun was setting and this street is so empty, unlike Vegas. A bit the scared actually. Then don't know who suggested to eat in, but majority wins and we ta bao-ed dinner back to hotel. After getting dinner, I think we almost kinda brisk walked back to the hotel. Vegas felt so so much safer, despite the raunchy-ness that is everywhere, most probably its because the Strip is so brightly lit and there are so so many people around...

While my sis slacked out, and my parents in the other room, don't know doing what, I was busy. Busy planning where to go first, finding out where to park and the exact street names to key into the GPS system.

Busy and fun filled LA days coming right up!

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