Monday, February 20, 2006

Valentine's Day 2006 - Pre/ During/ Post

Its been bz bz bz... Before Chinese New Year, I was busy making cookies for sale, for gifts and for home "use". After CNY, i was busy making cross-stitch and looking around for Dear's pressie. Only managed to finish the cross-stitch last minute at 5am on 13th Feb. After sleeping for a few hours, i brought it to be framed and returned home to wrap it with his other pressies. The original plan for Dear was a cross-stitch (i make one for him almost every occasion), a t-shirt (partially my fault for making him unable to fit into his tees) and Warcraft Battlechest (cos he likes to DOTA). But it ended up as 2 tees and the cross-stitch. Battlechest was sold out. I went to PK computer branches at Suntec and Heeren, walked the entire of Funan, went to Tampines challenger and Popular branches at Jurong East and Orchard MRT, all told me sold out. It was only when i told him about his "original" pressies on Thursday then we managed to get the Battlechest. He brought me to Novena United Sq and we found it there. I insisted on getting it for him, but he didn't want me to spend so much, so in the end we ended up spliting the bill.

On V day, Dear came to fetch me with a bouquet! As we walked around during the day, i still found my bouquet is the nicest and if i had not left it at home, the gals would envy me! haha... I left it at home cos i didn't want to carry it around and end up spoiling it cos i wanted to dry the roses.

Then we proceeded down to Marina Sq for lunch at Changing Appetites. Its a cafe/ restaurant with Cafe Cartel's pricing. It has 200 items on its menu from starters and soups, to main courses, to pastas, to drinks and mudpies! It's a slight change of taste from the norm foods we eat day in day out. Although its not extremely fantastic, the food's still average. The foods are more westerned with a Japanese touch. Dear and i both ordered pastas and the serving was larger then those at Pastamania's. Dear ordered a Cabonara while
i got a salmon pasta... And together we shared fish fillet and mussels. The fish wasn't very fresh, but it was light and flaky. The mussles were slightly overcooked but still very yummy due to the Hollandnaise sauce and cheese... Later we shared a mudpie. The top layer was macadamia nuts gelato and the bottom layer was chocolate gelato. It tasted as if it was kept too long as you can taste the crystals of ice in the mudpie.

Went to get my pressed powder at M.A.C at Isetan Scotts and concealer at Anna Sui Isetan Wisma Atria cos they're running out. Dear wanted to get me a bag and wanted me to choose a colour, so we went down to Taka to take a look 1st. The bag was a bit "aunty" looking and we passed the tot of buying a bag. Went down to Cineleisure to take pic and watched Fun with Dick and Jane. it was such a fun movie! After the movie, we went to my place to pack my stuff to spend the nite at his place. Then we went out for a late dinner cos i needed to have my medication 8 hours apart. Still, Dear didn't know wht to get for me while I toyed with the idea of having a pair of Levi's square cut jeans.

Next day after waking up, i told Dear about the jeans and he said ok. we went down to Levi's boutique at Ngee Ann city to take a look. There i saw some ladies' style jeans. its considered one of Levi's newer range of jeans for ladies. The cutting and designs are very very good but the price of each is about $170. Dear said if i want, i can have a pair instead of the square cut one which is about $140. but i think its too expensive as he had just finished his contract and still on a lookout for a job. If he's still working, at least $170's still much more affordable. So after trying the jeans i got it measured for the length to be altered. Collected the jeans the next day and got Dear's Battlechest.

After the last 2-3 weeks of doing stuff, i decided today that i have to get my life back in order just like the days before i was sick. i jotted out the things i have to do and things i have to buy (waredrobe needs upgrading) and gave a timeline for each. First things to put in place is a temp job before i start classes cos i dun wana rot at home and book final few lessons and driving test before my advance theory test "expires" in Nov... Just now, I was looked through the papers and JobsDB, updated my resume and sent them out. Tmr, i'll have to continue the job search. I've also booked my driving lessons, hopefully i'm not "rusty". Right now, i'll have to renew my PDL. The rest like updating of my spreadsheet on makan places and typing of recipes can do bit by bit slowly...

Let's get organised!

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