Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mental & Physical Torture

Seh, blur, light headed now. Being a caffine addict, i dunno if its due to lack of caffine for more then 48 hours or due to lack of sleep. been waking early the last 2 days, so kinda tired and tried to sleep. But ended up crying instead. i miss my ring... when i finally fell asleep at 3+, i woke up again at 5+ dunno for wht reason. had trouble gog back to sleep again. when i finally fell asleep again, it was time to wake up to go down to the agency to sign the contract.

After signing the contract, i went to meet mum at Tiong Bahru MRT to go to the tailor's place to alter some clothes. Had lunch then headed down to suntec. Since my office would be there and the shuttle service in the morning is only for privilege card members, i reckon it would be easier n convinient and less tiring to take the bus then to walk the citylink 5 days a week. I handed in the application form n walked ard.

I walked where i walked ystday. bearing the slightest, teeny, weeny glimpse of hope that i would find the little fella. call me silly, foolish, bo liao, idiot, crazy, whteva you deem fit, but i only wanted something which was so dearly important back onto my finger. blame it on my carelessness, which i've always been since i emerge from my mum's womb.

pple close to me would know how insecure i can be, being alone without the ring made it worse. it's like Dear isn't by my side. i feel terrible... this is mental torture...
throughout today, i couldn't hear the 'kink' sound made by my ring whenever i touched something hard, like holding onto the hand-poles on the MRT and on the bus. its weird not hearing the 'kink' sound... feels so silent... this is physical torture...


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