Monday, November 28, 2005

Eventful weekend

Friday, dear was on leave so we went out walk walk... first we collected the tickets for just like heaven starring reese witherspoon at cineleisure till "he" stopped me in my tracks. he was as tall as an avg 7 yr old kid. he wore green frame specs and had a very cute little round face. he wore a pair of shorts n t-shirt n just stood there looking at me. n this he told me weeks ago that he has a mission and that's to save the world. his name is chicken little! upon seeing the cute little thing standing there looking at me saying "take me home" i really felt like grabbing him n run for my life, catch a cab n go home, hoping no police will come after me. of cos, feeling like doing it and doing it was a different thing altogether since its a crime to steal. i eagerly shuffled my feet towards the cute little one n wanted to pat him on his head till i saw "do not touch. this display is protected by cctv..." so instead of me playing the baddie, i proposed to dear to grab chicken little for me. he said, u want me or chicken little. lol... so as he pulled me away to get the tickets, my eyes n head followed my chicken little. awwww, so cute... luma luma lei... mai hi, mai hu, mai ho, mai ha ha... the picture of him dancing to this tune telling pple to switch off their mobile phones played again in my mind.
after collecting the tickets, we thn had lunch at pastamania which had loads of garlic. it was so much that till i burped after dinner, we could still smell the garlic. after lunch, its showtime... Touching romantic story, could connect with her "i wana stay alive" character. the way thy fell in love, so subtly n smoothly put across. after the show we walked ard cineleisure a bit till i got caught up with my zhuan zhuan...
its actually toy or small little handphone accessories that comes in small capsules. they are placed in a box. u insert 1 to 3 1-dollar coins in n turn a knob for the capsule to drop out. what comes in the capsule depends on your luck, like my ruffy the other time. this time round, i saw n aimed one mini piglet torch, one piglet handphone accessory and one my melody handphone accessory. dear so good, sponsored for all the capsules. my melody was 1 dollar a piece, got it at the 3rd try. piglet handphone accessory was 2 dollars a piece, got it on the 4th try. the mini torch was the irritating one, at 2 dollars a piece, it came only on the 5th try. total damage was worth 16 dollars of unwanteds.
after all the zhuan zhuan we walked down to paragon's M1 to check out the price for a data cable for sony erricsson hps. dun have... thn we went to wisma's sony gallery, aso dun have... then we went to food republic for dinner. hehe... again... haha... i tried the hand made noodles n he took the fried hokkien prawn mee. after dinner we walked a little while more at taka's mango and cold storage n tt's whn i started feeling lousy. there was a light pain on my right chest. after cold storage, we went home.
at home, pain was still there n it was worse whn i coughed, breath deeply, sneeze or try to talk a little loudly. then my parents came back. n my kiasu mum called dr hwang's clinic straight away. dr hwang advised to go straight to mt. e's a&e rite away. there, a chest x-ray was done, but the resident doc found nothing much. given painkillers and instructions to see dr hwang the next day. dear stayed over just in case i hurt in the nite n cant scream for help.

saturday, went to dr hwang's clinic. while waiting for her to finish her rounds at the ward, i vomitted. n whn i vomit, i could still the pain. i vomitted some of my dinner, apperently by my own experience in this kinda vomitting, its a mixture of indigestion and too hungry.
dr hwang said it was Pleurisy, a swelling and irritation of the membrane that surrounds the lungs. i was given a booster jab n oral antibiotics.
then my parents n i went for brunch while dear went to mit the guys. on the way up to food republic (again! hahaha...), mum n i got our attention on some clothes for sale on wagon display. i bought a 3-quarts for 30+.
my dad tried the zha jiang mian, mum took roti prata, while me, pork sukiyaki. for 16 bucks, the sukiyaki was quite a worth it portion. loads of cabbage n meat, with 2 huge pieces of tofu (abt a quarter of a norm size slab), a small bunch of enokidake (golden mushrooms), 5 slices of carrots and one miserable black mushroom. it was worth it cos it was huge, but surely it did not hurt more to add a few more black mushrooms. taste wise was quite ok...
went home n reminded my dad to make reservations for dinner tonite to celebrate mum's bday in advance. the place we wanted to go to was grand copthorne waterfront but it was full. so we changed venue to melt the world cafe at oriental hotel. but they could only make space for us at 8.30pm. then i took a nap. didnt sleep well the nite b4 cos of the pain. woke up n made our way down to marina square cos my sis wanted to look for something. anyway we are early n marina square was just beside oriental. in the car, i threw up again. threw up a little of my lunch. its another bout of indigestion n being too hungry. upon reaching marina square, immediately looked for toilet to rinse my mouth.
my sis could not find what she wanted so we made our way to oriental. we were slightly early at the restaurant for our dinner but they let us in anyway. but, it was kinda, not full house, with a few empty tables here n there, n i started wondering, y 8.30? ate till they closed shop, haha... but not shiok enough, cos i didnt have the full-till-i-wana-puke-n-stay-off-food-for-a-week feeling. usually on buffets, i would binge till i feel that, but not enough time! haha... went home n watch soccer. dear did not stay overnight cos he was out the whole day n his parents just came back from thailand.

Sunday, was doing cross stitch whole afternoon till dear fetch me out to jelita. did some grocery shopping n bought pizza for dinner. upon reaching home, opened a can of campbell cream of mushroom n ate pizza n watched tv at the same time. after dinner, dear watched soccer while i made cheesecake. mango chilled cheesecake... haven tried yet.. haha...
whn my sis came back (all went out), dear went to central to catch the man u game cos it would be too late n he has to take a cab... save money while we can... haha...

after the eventful weekend, comes today. should be chemo day, but doc say since i still feel the pain, she'll delay the chemo till wed. so mum n i went to walk walk n have lunch. walked over to far east where she bought toto. then went over to isetan scotts supermarket to get some stuff. n on the way there, on the mango window display a top caught my eye, but mango only opens at 11am n it was still early.
so, after grocery shopping n brunch at mos burger, it was shopping time at mango. so so happy! its been sooooooo long since i've slowly walked thru the racks at mango. found a bag and the top. total damage to pocket today, 152 after discount with mango card. damn, i'm such a sucker for mango stuff. Claudia Schiffer is the poster girl for mango now, damn, i envy her...

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