Friday, November 18, 2005

A day of good news and thankfulness

So, i awoke very early today to reach the radiology clinic at paragon for my ct scan n chest xray, appointment was at 8.15am... by the time i finished, it was only 9.15am but report will only be ready abt 11am. however, by experience, you have to give them half an hour added to the time stated. since i fasted the entire nite n had to go without breakfast, my stomach was calling "feed me". but at 9.15, not many eating places are open at orchard.

having eaten kaya toast for the past 2 days, i wanted some warm, hot, soupy noodle kinda thing. so from paragon, we walked to lucky plaza's basement foodcourt. nothing appeals to me. mum suggested scotts picnic foodcourt.

so as we walked, we passed by breadtalk. i had intro to my mum the green tea bread from breadtalk about 2 months back, although i had eaten it long time ago. now, she's addicted to it! EVERYTIME we pass by breadtalk, she would ask "got green tea bread or not ah". so, lucky for her, that outlet had green tea bread for her early in the morning. she saw the mixed loaf of green tea n walnut n she bought 2, one for my aunt n one for ourselves.

the moment we stepped into scotts picnic foodcourt, it looks like nothing was open. i suggested, food republic at wisma atria. had been gog to food republic for a couple of times already. once i've finished trying all the food there, i'll do a writeup. the time we stepped into food republic was already about 10am. so u can guess how slowwwwwly we had walked... pratically strolled...

so at 10am, toastbox was already opened, but no bread for me today... i already insisted on something warm, hot n soupy noodles thingy. so i walked ard. was thinking of duck guo tiao soup or beef noodles dry (its not really dry, comes with loads of gravy instead of soup). but these 2 appealing foods were not ready yet. in the end, after thinking for a while, i was mind set on beef noodles and ask the auntie whn it would be ready. she said gotta wait for boss to come in n cook the gravy... so meanwhile, i went to buy tea n coffee n mum n myself. thn mum went to check if the lotus leaf glutinous rice was ready, but they said 10.30. so she suggested we share a yong tau foo soup while waiting for my beef noodles gravy to be ready.

10.15am: slowly enjoying the yong tau foo soup while i sight a young sweet looking lass walking into the beef noodles stall. and she starts making the gravy
10.30am: i approach the stall again n they say not yet ready. return to seat n ask mum abt the glutinous rice. mum says she'll wait for them to push the dim sum cart out. if they come in time, she'll buy, if not, she's gonna forgo. for the next 15 minutes, i keep seeing the young lady adding condiments n trying the gravy. mum n i speculate that the young lady is the boss of the franchise since the auntie say "boss will ocme in and cook gravy".
10.45am: just as yong tau foo soup finished, i sight the young lady pouring the gravy into the warmer pot at the counter. yay! its ready! i approach the stall to get my beef noodles n their first bowl of beef noodles dry is sold for the day.
I'm a damn slow eater. but timing just nice. by the time i finished, it was almost 11.30am. made our way back to collect the report n c my chemo oncologist, dr hwang.

dr hwang read the report n saw the films. i only know how good it was till she start comparing the films with me. my PET scan in august, before chemo started had shown tumors in my liver, including one huge one. using that to compare to the CT done after 2 courses of chemo, the huge one and a few are gone, with the rest reduced in size. using this CT n compare with the one i did today, all are gone except 2 or 3 (if i'm not wrong) n whatever's left had pratically shrinked at least half. After she had explained n pointed out them out, i said "thank God" n held back tears of joy (n now while typing this out, i'm letting out tears of joy). she gave me such a big smile n kept saying, "almost there, almost all gone, just a little more."

then she asked if i'm a christian n which church i go to. i told her i dun go to church but just read the bible n do my prayers at home. she said what's most importantly is to know Him. hehe... then she said 2 more courses for me b4 another scan is done to re-confirm everything's gone. once i'm cleared, i'll start on at least a year's of oral medication to "maintain". she carried on telling me to have a nice weekend n we'll start the 5th course on monday. we walked out of the consultation room. i went to the reception to wait for my appt card while she handed my file back to the nurses at the recep. n while she did that she was smiling n saying to the nurses "xiao le, xiao le, dou xiao le" (referring my tumors shrink already, disappearing already, all gone already). got my appt card then mum suggested buying the yong tau foo n beef noodles for her frd who lives nearby to try (tt's how good it was).

we made our way back to food republic. i went to get the beef noodles while she got the yong tau foo. auntie at the stall saw me and regconised me. she asked if i worked nearby, i said no, here to c doc. the young lady collected the money, pass me the plastic bag n said "c u, take care"... guess she regconised me too.

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your blessings. thank You for protecting my life as You know how much i want to stay alive to fulfil my dreams n aspirations n to do the things i wana do. thank You for tame-ing the cancer cells as to let the chemo drugs work effectively aginst them. papa in Heaven, thank You for loving me, never giving me up n forsaking me though i'm always a lost sheep, always backsliding. Father, i love You! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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