Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fridays instead of wednesdays

Wednesday: no chemo cos white blood cell count too low. doc wanted to save money for me n did not give me the booster jab. she wanted my white blood cell count to rise up by itself. Then she ask me to go back on friday to check if i could do chemo.

Friday: no chemo too cos white blood cell count too low again. Given the booster jab.

Saturday: at last i could start on my 2nd cycle. besides the normal drugs i had to be given, another iron drip was given too as my red blood cell wasnt looking too good too.

Next thursday i'm gog back for blood test cos as exprienced, my white blood cell count is always on the low. so thursday's blood test is a gauge. if white blood cell count low again, at least i can take the booster n do chemo on friday. so now, instead of counting wednesdays, i'm counting fridays...

feeling sleepy already, due to the stemetil... yawn...

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