Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pushed back yet again...

May be counting Mondays instead of Fridays if nothing goes wrong again... For the past week, nothing went wrong, except on Friday.

The actual plan was, blood count at clinic, CT scan of abdomen/ liver, brunch, collect scan n go back to the clinic to c my doc. doc will use the scan n blood test n determine how the following courses of chemo will go.
but what happened was, my white bood cell count was low (as usual, nothing new). cannot CT scan! so scheduled to do the scan ystday.

n again, the actual plan ystday was, blood test at clinic, CT scan, brunch, collect scan, back to c doc n since my blood test passed, start 3rd cycle of chemo on monday.
but what happened was whn i collected back the scan, my doc already left.

So now, monday i'll have to go back to c her instead. n most prob a blood test to c if i can start the 3rd cycle on monday. if i fail blood test, 3rd cycle will begin on tuesday instead.

y isnt there a day where things can go as planned. everytime fail blood test. white blood cell count low, cannot chemo, have to take booster jab n chemo next day. red blood cell count low, have to take jab n iron drip. platelets count low cannot do chemo, luckily this haven happen to me yet. but everytime my chemo keeps pushing back n gets delayed, sometimes really start to wonder whn i can really finish my cycles of chemo...

haiz... ren suan bu ru tian suan (human plan but heaven have another plan)... leave it up to God to decide when i can start my 3rd cycle of chemo already...

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