Wednesday, August 31, 2005


In a few hours time, I'm gog for my chemo again... to make things easier for everyone to count chemo weeks n rest weeks, here's the formula...
1st wed - chemo
2nd wed - chemo
3rd wed - rest
4th wed - chemo
5th wed - chemo
6th wed - rest
every 3 weds make up one cycle, n now, i'm on my 4th wk, which means starting of my 2nd cycle. it will go on till i complete 8 cycles.

since i started chemo, i've nvr been feeling better. i offically declare i'm fever-free! yay! no more fevers n feeling lethargic. although after the chemos i feel a bit sleepy n tired, usually by sunday i'm feeling all charged up again.

starting to feel the rotting feeling, staying at home. esp so during the chemo weeks. its only during the rest weeks my parents feel more comfy for me to go out. whn at home, i watch tv, vcds or read my bible. sigh, wht else can i do besides these n rotting? i told my mum, cannot stand it, everyday sit at home n rot, so during the rest weeks they must let me go out. but still, its only for a while. i understand their worries, cos my white blood cells count always on the low end.

so these few days, i've been eating lots of protein, esp egg whites on the advise of my doc n the nurses there. now very scared will have gout in future, but then no choice...

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