Sunday, July 31, 2005

Never miss the timing for painkillers...

A week on, still pain... Meanwhile, during this week, i've gone for a urine n blood test. blood test is norm. but had to repeat my urine test as it showed abnormalities, mainly traces of blood. doc, mum n me tot it was due to the tracing ends of my menses.
so, i went down again on friday to pee into the container for the doc n lab. report came back ystday morning. again, they were abnormalities. doc confirmed it was bladder infection. so now, i'm on a 20 tablet, 3 times daily, course of antibiotics. the antibiotics has a damn freaking weird smell! hopefully whn i finish the antibiotics, the pains n aches will go down as well...

anyway, another sample of my urine was collected again ystday morning whn i went down. i felt so dirty whn i went down actually. mum woke me up n said she n dad on the way to fetch me down. by the time i got outta bed, combed my sparse hair n changed, they were already downstairs. the pee collected ystday was my "virgin" pee of the day. luckily my panadol taken at 7am was still effective so i had no probs.

it was only till whn we reached home ard 3, tts whn trouble came knocking on my back. i was already 2 hours off my timing for panadol. the ache was coming back, developing into throbbing pain. i quickly took my bath, beancurd n panadol. but, the pain nvr left me, even till 5+. luckily dear was ard to help me apply voltaren for me.

time: 7pm. feeling slightly better, at least i could stand n walk. then we made our way down to Werner's Oven to celebrate my dad's bday. but upon reaching there, it was terrible. the pain started coming back. it was faster then expected cos the panadol should last till 9. when my dad's mum, sis n my cousin n bf arrived, we quickly ordered. whn d potato salad came, i took a bite n took my panadol. luckily my dear suggested we brought it along. honestly, sitting there, i was damn seh. i could not differentiate the music n the noise of pple talking n their echos. even the voices talking on my own table seemed distant. main courses was served. n i could only manage to eat a bit. the mental n physical energy used in sitting up really drained me.

slowly, we made our way back to the car after the dinner n my dad was standing there in the car park, talking to our relatives. had to scream at him to open the car door for me to sit down as standing up was more draining. during the ride home, the pain intensified.
whn we got home, i cant even stand up properly. it was as if my entire waist was taken out. i had to hold on to my dear in the lift n as we walked down the stairs home, my dear had to hold my waist as if holding a vase to support me. thn, my dear help apply voltaren for me. but we had to wait till 11 to take my antibiotics. the pain was freaking unbearable. so since we can take a total of 8 panadols a day, i took 1 as well while taking my antibiotics.

it was only till almost 2am thn i could fall alseep. but i woke up at 2.45... struggled to get the heated pad n heat up the current one i was using. managed to fall asleep only to wake up to an already cooled down pad. repeat the process of struggling to the kitchen to get a heated pad, heating the used one. repeat the process of managing to fall asleep only to wake up to an already cooled down pad. soon, it was time for panadol. struggle, take heated pad, take panadol, managed to zzz...

time: 7+. struggled to get up to take my antibiotics. struggled to get the heated pad. struggled to fall asleep again... vicious cycle ah! soon it was 11... time for panadol again.

time now is 2.30pm. as i finish writing my ordeal n log off, its time to take my antibiotics. but at least i can ocasionally get off the huge cushion on my back n sit up straight on the sofa... moral of the story, never miss yr dosage of painkillers. the snowballing effect can really kill.

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