Monday, July 04, 2005

I need donations too...

last weekend, there were 2 "free concerts" on tv. one was live8, which was fabulous. all the artistes performed for free, n there r even artistes who wana sign up last min to lend a hand. anyway, sir bob geldof, however rich he is, cant pay so many artistes performing around the globe. hollywood A-lister, Gwyneth Paltrow even volunteered to help out backstage, serving drinks.
viewers need not do anything else, except to submit their names in support for the g8 summit to end poverty in the world n esp africa. moreover, submitting the names r free, just log on to the webby or text in yr name to a number. they want nothing, just your voice. no money, although it would b good to collect some at the same time for the cause.

another one was a locally done thing. this organisation, on avg has abt 4 such charity shows every year. now they have added 2 more. one last weekend, one this coming weekend. during the show, u r encouraged to call the hotline to donate 5 bucks with 20+ cents of telepoll service. n b4 the show, thy'll call you to ask if u had already donated...
my dad told them off b4 whn thy called, "i donate so much, write in to ask for tics to the show, u never reply..." the lady on the line kept apologising n then reverted back to the "have u donated" topic. my furious dad then said "no, i'm not gog to. stop calling me next time for the donations" n hung up the phone.
shows aside, some pple of the public will receive their donation envelopes now n then. with those envelopes, you r encouraged to pass it ard in the office, school, within the family, frds, etc, n get them to donate. my sis n close frds once received their envelope. they call n bug u every 3-4 days, wondering how the funds are coming along.

back to the 2nd show i'm toking abt. this foundations has 6 shows to help 3 different group of patients. 2 shows for each group. this time round was for cancer patients. being a cancer patient myself, i know i'm kinda selfish not to call in n help pple in the same boat as me. but honestly, i need the 5.20+ bucks myself cos i need to go for regular checkups. n partially, i really hate it. the 1st few years, i did donate, thereafter, i jus gave up. with an avg of 5 mil bucks raked in per show, how much really goes to the patients? with now 6 shows every year, that means 30 mil for this foundation!

since the show started abt 10 years ago, the show was merely artistes like Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung singing n d show only lasted 2 hours. now we have local artistes joining in the performance n then show lasts for 3 hours. sometimes whn the calls are "not enough" the show extends. somehow or rather, the segments r enough to last thru the extension, no idea y...
its getting tiring... although its for helping 3 different groups of patients, y cant thy just do a big show once, mayb 4 hours or even longer like live8? in tt case, viewers do not have to keep calling in for so many shows in a year just to help one foundation. one big one once a year, i'm sure tt can raise even more money cos pple dun get the sick n tired feeling of calling n calling. n tt money can b divided in proportion to the number of needy pple in the 3 different group, wouldnt tt b better?

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